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  Play Ball, ChicagoCubsFanClub.com is FOR SALE
 ID#: 9   Date posted: December 29, 2020;   Expire date: June 27, 2021;             248 visits             Flag as Spam
Isez Publishing  
World region:
United States  
Chicago IL  
Specific Location:
Wrigleyville, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.  
Brief Description:
www.ChicagoCubsFanClub.com is a PREMIUM DOMAIN NAME! ... Buy it NOW! Before someone else does. ... It is a safer investment than the Stock Market, or Gold! ... Purchasing a Domain Name is more lucrative than a Real Estate purchase. ... Domain Names are often referred to as Cyber Real Estate. ... Premium Domain Names are a limited commodity just like Real Estate is. ... The big difference is Cyber Real Estate is less of a hassle for the owner. Domain Names are assets that can be held for sale at a later date for a higher price, or you can build them into a very profitable business. Domain Names (Cyber Real Estate) appreciate in value much faster than brick and mortar Real Estate. Go online and GOOGLE "Highest Priced Domain Names" and you will see how they are Valued. www.ChicagoCubsFanClub.com has a exponentially great earning potential that rapidly increases its value. BUY IT Brick and Mortar Real Estate to Cyber Real Estate comparison: In the Wrigleyville neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois four flat apartment buildings are selling for one point four million dollars (1,400.000.00). If you have good credit 720+ and a 20% down payment = $280,000.00 you can get it financed for 15 years at 3.42% interest, $10,025.00 monthly mortgage payment is approximate includes estimated real estate taxes and home insurance. To just make the mortgage payment each apartment would have to be fully rented at $2506.25 per apartment, 4 X $2506.25 + $10,025.00 to break even. Now you have to figure how much more you want to charge the renter to make a profit. You have to figure in all of the maintenance, 17% vacancy rate which is standard, and any other hidden or future expenses. You may want to hire a building management company so you are not bothered with calls that the toilets are not working at 3:00AM in the morning. ... OR ... You can BUY the Domain Name www.ChicagoCubsFanClub.com and make it profitable much easier with less unexpected expense and frustration, and have some fun. Principles only! Call or Text: 262-325-0273  
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1-262-325-0273 U.S.A.  
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Chicago Cubs  
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ChicagoCubsFanClub.com ... Domain Name is FOR SALE ... For more information contact: Admin@ChicagoCubsFanClub.com


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I Love Growing Marijuana

Copyright © 2004 - 2021 Car Search Center™ All rights reserved.