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Please Post Your Ads in the Correct Category!         Posting Ads in the wrong category frustrates Buyers, and DOES NOT increase your sales!

Post your Correct Contact Information, e.g. Website, Email, Phone Number, Address.


Price shown is in United States Dollars (USD) ($); Other Currencies should be listed in the Description Area with the Correct Currency Symbol of Seller's Country.

An example is if you are selling an item or service for $500.00 USD, and your Country uses the Indian Rupee INR it will show in the Price section as $36,328.85.

Because the exchange rate is 72.66 INR Indian Rupee to 1 USD, some buyers will assume that you actually want $36,328.85 USD for a Five Hundred Dollar item.

It is a common mistake but it affects your sales.

So to make it clear convert your country's currency to show as USD amount, or write the price in with your Country's Currency Symbol; it applies to all World Currencies.

1 USD $ = 72.6697 INR

1 INR = 0.0137609 USD $


IsEZ Tips for selling anything for top price!

If you implement these tips, you will see an increase in your sales and in your profit margin!

1. Think of why and what made you purchase the item.
2. Did you buy it new or used?
3. What were its uses?
4. Did it work as you expected it too?
5. Did you enjoy using it?
6. How much use did you get from it?
7. How long did you own it?
8. Why are you selling it?
9. Do they still make the item?
10. If the item is still available new, what is the cost?
11. If the item is not available anymore, how rare is it?
12. If you are selling an intangible e.g., (domain name, website, IT services, trademark, etc.) always describe the potential uses and marketability of the intangible item!
13. If you are selling big-ticket items e.g., (real estate, heavy equipment, machinery, motor vehicles, etc.) always qualify your buyer (make certain that they have the cash or the financing to complete the purchase).

TRUE STORY: I have an acquaintance that is a Realtor. He had a married couple as one of his clients. They gave him the exact description of the dream house that they wanted to purchase. Every Saturday he and his clients would start early and view the houses on the market that came close to the description that they had wanted. This went on for about three months with no success or sale. The Realtor not wanting to lose the sale decided to review his records and ask more questions of the clients. He met with and told them that he wanted to make sure that he had all of the accurate information and the proper description to fill their need. As he was going through the questioning routine, he noticed that his first questionnaire was not complete. One of the questions that was unanswered was, What is your hobby? Their answer floored him. Their hobby and entertainment was looking at houses on Saturdays. This Realtor learned the hard way; he now QUALIFIES every potential buyer. Morale of this story is, do not waste your time if the buyer is not going to or cannot complete the transaction!

14. Described the item as accurately as humanly possible! This one tip alone will save you many headaches!
15. Photograph the item as if you are telling a story, use as many photos allowable in the ad.

NOTE: Remember that every picture tells a story; a picture is worth a thousand words!

16. Does the item need repairs or restoration?
17. What would it cost to repair it?

NOTE: Never quote a cost on restoring an item. Restoration is an uncertain science, never knowing what will actually be needed or if parts are readily available. This is true for all restorations big or small.

After you have answered the questions and reviewed the tips above, take that information and thoughts then in your own words put it into story form just as if you would be telling your friends about the item you are selling.

Set the story aside for a short while then go back to it and read it. Make certain all the important details are in place check and correct any spelling and grammar errors.

If possible, have someone read it to you and listen closely to how it sounds (IS IT BELIEVABLE?).

Puffing a story is different from lying. Avoid Alternate Facts.

Take photos of the item from all different views, front , back , sides, top, bottom, inside, outside, the good the bad and the ugly.

Have adequate lighting when you take pictures, poor lighting makes it look like you are trying to hide something.

Check the pictures and make sure they are clear and sharp, blurred photos also look as if you are hiding flaws.

If the item is damaged, mention it and show the damage in a photo before the buyer comes to view, pick it up or starts to negotiate, this adds credibility to you and takes away second thoughts of uncertainty.

Not describing the item accurately will get you negative reviews and cause hard feeling and may even get you banned on some sites and media.

Whatever item you are selling, make certain that you include the price. There is no bigger turnoff than having to call, text or email just to get the selling price of an advertised item. Auto dealers are major offenders of not pricing their product up front. No one wants an adlibbed pie in the sky price.

TRUE STORY: My wife and I went to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Wisconsin to shop for an old fashion used cast iron kitchen sink with extended drain boards. They had a nice selection of older sinks and all were priced tagged from $15 to $35 except the one that we wanted, it had no price tag on it. So we found the store manager and asked him what the price was for the sink that we chose. He walked over to the area with all of the priced sinks took a look at the other sinks then took a scrutinizing look at us and said that he had to get $150.00 for the sink that we wanted. We told him that the price was too high and out of line compared to all the other sinks that were marked way lower than the sink we wanted. He said, That is the price today take it or leave it, we left it.

We will not shop or recommend that store ever again. Like I said earlier not pricing is a big turnoff!

Listing an item with the options of Make an Offer, Or Best Offer, OBO make sure you will accept a lower offer of at least 20% to 30% off of your asking price otherwise you are wasting the buyer's and your own time. If the buyer's offer is to low always make a counter offer.

If you are using an auction site, list your item with your bottom dollar reserve price. Most auction sites want auctions to start at $1.00 and work the crowd to keep bidding higher. On some items that strategy may work to your benefit but it has been my experience that if you do not want to take a beating (loss) on the item that you are selling, set the reserve price within reason to minimize any loss. If it does not sell, you can always repost it. You, I and everyone else will pay the going price or more if we really want an item, it is proven every day at the big box stores, dealerships, and real estate offices all around the world.

Without exception you will be asked questions about the item that you are selling, you will need the proper answers. Use common sense when you answer any question and while you write your story ad. All of us have read ads that state: You will not be disappointed, all highway miles, changed oil every 3,000 miles, runs good, needs nothing, good mileage, new tires and brakes, clean inside and out. I am selling because I bought a new car to get to work.

Hmm! He bought a new car to get to work. Why would you by a new car just to get to work if your old ride was in such great condition? How could this story have been told a little better? Let us try some different phrases.

a. Must sell before I can look for a new motorcycle.
b. Doing work on house need a truck.
c. Selling to pay down debt.
All good reasons that do not detract from the good running old beater of a car.

Tell your story so it makes sense and has some logic associated with it.

You may not like it but most buyers feel the need to negotiate a bargain, they always feel that they can get a better price if they ask. Remember this is a natural process and not a contest. Negotiate DO NOT argue! I hope that you priced your item so there is a little movement. Here is an important fact that you must remember, do not accept the buyer's first offer immediately or he/she will feel cheated. WHAT! Yes, you read that right. If you agree immediately, the buyer will think he/she should have asked you to lower the price even more, they will think that they could have done better and this will really bother them. Has it happened to you???

I use what I call the Russian method of bargaining. Here is how it works almost every time. On the first counter offer cut the price just a little, on your second counter offer, double what you cut first and hold. Explain that you are giving twice as much as you should and you cannot take any more of a loss on the item. Be sincere! If you do not hold, you may be dickering for hours!

Question: Do you know what profession earns the most money?

Answer: Salespersons.

The response that I always get from that answer is: Than why is Bill Gates the riches person in the world? ... Answer: Because he owns Microsoft and he sells all of their products!

Warren Buffet sells stocks, bonds and companies!

Doctors and Lawyers sell their services!

Teachers and Professors sell their knowledge!

Managers and Supervisors sell their know how!

Entertainers sell their talent!

The list goes on everybody is selling something!

If you have something to sell, e.g., (products, services, information, and ideas) you will always have the opportunity to earn money and you may become rich.


1. Always qualify your buyer (make certain that they have the cash or financing and the willingness to complete the purchase).
2. Always price your product.
3. List the actual shipping and handling cost.
4. Tell if it is local pickup or if it can be shipped. Not all items are good candidates for shipping.
5. Photos help sell, make them clear, bright and plentiful.
6. Always list your area code when you list your phone number.

True Story: If you drive down Hwy 241 (3800 South 27th Street) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, there is a very talented and excellent Optometrist that gives 21 Point Medical Eye Exams for the same price that others just fit you for glasses; he has a sign hanging on his office building that has a phone number without the area code on it. If you live in the exact neighborhood it is not a problem, if you are not from the area it is a problem because a couple of blocks south the area code changes from (414) to (262) and no one is going to stop what they are doing to look it up. All of us have seen a billboard, calling card, flyer, and classified ads with advertising and a phone number without an area code; just try to estimate the increase in business an area code would bring to that Optometrist.

7. Always accurately describe your item in story form.
8. Always describe the potential uses and marketability of an intangible item!
9. If you are selling a vehicle always list the true mileage and if it uses gas or diesel fuel, engine size, and type of transmission, and if it is two wheel or four wheel drive.
10. If you are selling a truck always, list the size and brand of the bed, box, dump body and brand of engine.
11. Be ready to negotiate if need be.
12. Give your geographic location in all ads. City, Town, County, Province, Country it helps buyers decide.

NOTE: Only give your true home address if it is necessary to complete the sale! It is safer to have a friend near or if possible to use a high traffic public meeting place to deliver the sold item to the buyer!
For Sale By Owner FSBO, do not show your home alone, have a friend or family member near for safety.
NEVER share personal information about yourself or your family, it is not necessary to make a sale!
NEVER use your Social Security Number for identification of any kind!

13. Use as much accurate information about the item in the ad as possible to make the sale easier.
14. Answer all inquiries. Keep your cell phone turned on, and answer it, it may be a customer (buyer).

TRUE STORY: I have a friend that owned two separate businesses. One is an Italian pizza restaurant PIZZA CUCINAand the other was a transmission repair shop TranzWorld. Both businesses were very busy and profitable UNTIL his employees (at $30.00 an hour) stopped answering the telephone at the transmission shop. The shop telephone had a caller ID feature so you could see who was calling. Whenever he would call the shop to check if all was going well they would answer because they knew it was the owner and tell him a bunch of bullshit about how busy they were. Yes, they had business only because of the high traffic passing by the shop; customers would stop in to make an appointment for work to be done. As time passed less and fewer customers stopped in, they thought the shop was closed because nobody answered the phone when they called. My friend was notified numerous times that his employees were not answering the phone. His reasoning from what the employees told him was that they were busy or that I called at the wrong time. Well this all caught up to him and his workforce, profits dropped and bills came in that he had no money for. He was forced to file bankruptcy. His workers lost a very good job and he lost a business all because some ass made the decision to not answer the phone. This is not the end of my story. I really do not know his reasoning, but here are some thoughts for you. If you own any type of business, the telephone is a major reason that you get and keep customers. He should have known being an owner of a pizza restaurant that business depends on answering the phone to take orders. I cannot figure how he missed that important point of doing business. In conclusion, ALWAYS ANSWER YOUR TELEPHONE no matter who may be calling.

15. Use all media to let the world know that you are selling an item. Family, Friends, Coworkers, Free Ads, Auctions, some areas have Free Radio Ads for the community, look them up, distribute flyers, and posters.
16. Know your audience, study the market, and study other ads, if you are going to purchase something to sell research sale prices of what you plan to sell so you can buy at the proper price to make a profit.
17. When selling items with potential liabilities e.g., (motor vehicles, guns, weapons, chemicals, etc.) protect yourself by using a Bill of Sale, Dated and Timed, signed in front of a certified Notary Public!
18. When you solicit via email or snail mail include your complete portfolio, contact information and pricing the first time you send out your email or snail mail. It helps the target customer make a decision without wasting her/his time.

Follow these tips and you will find more money in every sale you make. Selling will become second nature to you.

Think positive, be positive, smile a lot, and make your own opportunities daily!

If you think you cannot you are right, if you think you CAN you are right!

Happy ADventures to you,


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